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Road To Digital Divine

Road To Digital Divine covers fresh knowledge and information that will help readers find a greater understanding of the true nature of humans and the universe. Since this newer understanding rests on digital and informational nature of being, Gupta calls this as “Digital Divine”, which will take anyone into the road to “Digital Divinity”.

Throughout this book, readers will find in–depth discussions on the nature of the universe, energy, broader laws of information, and so much more–leading anyone to a description of the physical universe as a quantum computing system engaged in grand act of quantum information processing.

Readers may ask questions like “How does one start from a materialistic view of our perceptual universe and arrive at the computational nature of matter and mind?”, “How do cosmic, emotional and rational mind arise from this foundation?”, “How does this view impact the concept of one’s SELF that he or she holds deep within his or her psyche?”. The informational and computational description of the universe naturally leads to explain these difficult questions.

Through this book, readers will realize that this grand informational and quantum computational entity or “digital divine” has incredible similarities to many of universally agreed attributes of GOD or divinity. This new understanding of humans, the universe and divinity, therefore, provides an incredible bridge between science and spirituality.

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Joy From Deep Within: Nature of Quantum Self

Most people are familiar with the physical self that is seen in the mirror. However, we should identify ourselves more with our quantum “self,” which this book elaborates. According to the author, it would notably improve our emotional health and help us to realize joy from deep within. Here, the author paints self as a tale of three minds: emotional, rational and cosmic. It describes that the nature of self has two extreme personalities. First, the binary, which leads to “I,” “me,” and “mine” tendencies. Second, is the quantum that leads to “us,” “we,” and “ours” tendencies. Both these are quite familiar in today's society.

The binary is responsible for incredible progress that humans have made as a surviving species, but it is also responsible for most of the sufferings that modern humans face today. It dominates today’s human society. The quantum self has a saint-like nature. It feels love, empathy, and oneness with others. It is truthful and always stays in the company of divinity. It is responsible for widespread altruism in nature and in humans. With two selves of very different nature in one body, modern humans have learnt the meaning of the word “suffering.” So which self will win and which is really the true self?

Somewhat autobiographical which includes real life stories of the author, Joy From Deep Within: Nature of Quantum Self is an edifying book that valiantly attempts to explain how the true understanding of one’s self can lead one to a path of enlightenment, conveying how this can make a profound change in one’s perspective.

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