Road to Digital Divine
……….With incredible progress in science over the last century, the inner workings or our universe is becoming clear both at the physical and computational level. This is leading to an incredible paradigm shift. It is leading us to see universe as a grand, digital, informational, computational entity. Hustling and bustling with incredible dance of bits, bytes, and qubits, creating incredible array of events and action, almost like a living entity. Is there a God, divinity, or even a digital divine buried in the nature of this entity?

Most of us are conditioned to think that we are all distinct three-dimensional beings and live in a physical universe comprising of three-dimensional space-time where time represents change. As the gap between science and spirituality closes, a new dimension of our perception is emerging that is challenging this view. Information is at the root of it all. The words like data, knowledge, wisdom, programs, meaning, and intelligence reflect the mode of inner workings of this universe. The concepts like systems, emergent properties, entanglement, oneness, information processing, mind, and self-knowledge become the hallmark of this paradigm. All the complexity of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and even spirituality all reduce into a simple computational reality reflected by posing of simple yes/no answers.

This is so bizarre and hard to believe and yet forms the cornerstone of our new reality. A reality that undermines the separateness of all, and highlights oneness, that resides at the root of all existence. The oneness that is critical for us to understand, benefit, and manipulate our true reality. It is the dimension which arises out of advances in mathematics or science of computation or science of information. It is the information processing which transcends space-time, acting in concert with our physical universe, which runs in a computerlike manner. Our universe is a mega quantum computer that is performing a grand act of information processing. What is it computing? It computes itself and its components, says Professor Seth Lloyd of MIT, in his book Programming the Universe, a pioneer in the field of quantum computing. In addition, there appears to be a seamless link between the separates in physical dimensions and oneness of this computational dimension.

This feature of computation has remarkable likenesses to the dimensions of spirituality. So-called mystics may now believe that finally there is an expression of science, which supports what they have always believed in. A dimension that is free from constraints of space and time, that is timeless, and spaceless. A dimension with computationally executable programs, like computer programs we are familiar with or instruction sets of a special kind. A worldview in which all interactions in a space-time world are rooted in computation. A perspective that involves computational elements of space-time floating and interacting with one another in various mathematical forms such as functions, equations, and computational systems. Some may even call it the dimension of divinity, as its description resembles closely to omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent description of God. A dimension of miracles, greatness, and grandeur as it succeeds in creating and managing infinity of the universe. It is a dimension of perfection, eternity, and infinity. A dimension where all dualities merge, and one emerges! A dimension of, one may say, unconditional love, an essential ingredient of oneness. A depth in which supreme design, connectivity, and management live. An incredible capacity, which represents supreme intelligence and perhaps supreme empathy. Undoubtedly, a dimension of universal love, or connectivity, with omniscient, omnipresence, and omnipotence characteristics.

Humans have intuitively felt the computational nature of our existence since ancient times. Scientific methods involving theory, control experimentation, observation, and analysis evolved from that belief. Newtonian physics almost came to a conclusion that universe, including us, are a part of a physical, mechanical device that works with complete determinism, reductionism obeying mathematical theories underlying the Newtonian physics. This was a different universe that spiritual and religious belief led to, where a holistic and empathetic universe with divine, unconditional love was the central principles of universal existence.....